Hi Susan,
Thanks for the email.
I hope you managed to navigate your way home ok and your connections ran smoothly.
It was a real pleasure working with you also. A true professional with the same energy and commitment at 7pm as you had a 10am !
We all thought you did a fantastic job in a warm and welcoming way on camera and the same off camera too.
It would be a pleasure to work with you again, so we will give you a shout next time something comes up, which hopefully will be soon.
Many thanks Again

Ed Tomlinson, Managing Director

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Hi Susan 

All I can do is second everything Ed has just said.

 I really hope we will work together
again soon. 

Very kindest regards from all my team
and myself.

 You made life a lot easier than most!

Jason and the team.

Jason Wilkinson

CEO of Mallorca Today TV and NTVE

I got busy and forgot to send this to you yesterday. I just wanted to thank you again and again and again. You are the best. The video looks great. You look great and you sound great. It really couldn't be any better.

Have a nice weekend.

Thanks again! 




Michael Sims

Director of Video & Photography

TVC, Inc.


If I were to describe Susan Williams in one word, I could not!  On or off camera, she is one of the most versatile talents I know. 
Susan’s ability to quickly adapt to any situation is amazing!  Her personality and

delivery always create maximum emotion.

In short, Susan Williams is a director’s (and client’s) dream.  If you want the best, look no further.


Don Abbott

Abbott Productions, Inc.


"I have worked with Susan many times. The reason is because she is tremendous at what she does. Her ability to deliver words written by someonI look forward to every time we get the opportunity to work together." e else while connecting with the home viewer are amazing. Consumers like her and we love her.

Bill Barlow

Executive Director, Pitch World


Susan was one of my top show hosts at HSN. She continually performed her job at the highest proficency. 
After HSN, I've hired Susan multiple times for on-air and voice over work. She's reliable, personable, a true professional. I can always count on Susan to do the job right the first time and everytime. It's been a true pleasure being associated with her for many years and many projects. 
She's at the top of my list to call when I have a new project." 


Ray Dion

President, Ray Dion Productions


Well...what else to say?  YOU were fabulous AS ALWAYS!  But...that's normal!

It was (and is always) great to work with you and see you again.  But do we have to wait so long between dates?  LOL

Thank you for everything.  Not only did you (and Stella and Brittany) make it easy, but most importantly (again, as always).....FUN!

YOU are the BESTEST!


Alex Strayer, Producer/Director

Television Arts, Inc.

I finally did it!  This August I completed my final

two open water dives in the beautiful Florida

Keys to earn my scuba diving certificate!

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How great to  work with John Parkin again on a shoot in Mallorca for an international infomercial!

What a way to spend the first week in October!

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Image description

By the way, I do love to fish!!!!!!